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Spouse & Guest Program

The following activities are available for registered spouses and guests.  

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 2017 Food and Beverage Environmental Conference Spouse/Guest Program.  Whether you are a returning guest or new to the FBEC event, we hope that you will enjoy what we have planned for you this year. The following schedule will help you plan your visit in order to maximize the many things there are to do in the area. 

Monday, March 27

Relax with other FBEC attendee guests and join the group for mani/pedis and a lovely lunch.

Additional details will be forthcoming.

Wednesday, March 29

9:30 Historic Culinary Tour of Charleston

Exploring a city’s cuisine isn’t a new idea. For decades, cooking schools in culinary centers like Paris and New Orleans have indoctrinated visitors into their particular styles with certificates for gourmands and chefs. But a newly flavorful outing, the food-tasting expedition, is rising faster than a flawless soufflé.

The concept: through local dishes and restaurants, guests come to better understand a city’s culture, roots, and development. And on a food-tasting tour everyone can succeed at the same skill: eating!

This “tastebuds-on” excursion is dedicated to savoring the flavors of Charleston. The tour is a culinary march through the streets of this historic port city, with destinations that vary season by season. Customary stops include restaurants, bakeries, and confectionery shops.

Through this “boutique banqueting,” guests will learn about the culinary contributions made by Native Americans, European settlers, and enslaved Africans that have fused into what today is lovingly referred to as Lowcountry cuisine.


If you have any questions, please contact Brynn Horne at

This program is subject to change.